Friday, 8 July 2011

The UK enters the era of the mega blog

I have been fortunate enough for the legendary Iain Dale to ask me to join his happy and diverse band of bloggers at his new 'Mega' blog Dale & Co. I already have three articles up - having had considerable advance warning from Iain.

I've written about why closing the News of the World makes good sense from a crisis point of view in theory but perhaps not in practice here. Thoughts on media responsibility here , and a desperate cry for a little bit of quiet here.

British blogging seems to be going through a bit of a renaissance as earlier this week the US owned Huffington Post launched in the UK as well. Huffpo like Dale & Co is built on a platform of multiple contributors so is much more like a web based newspaper. We seem to be entering into the age of the mega-blog to compete with the strategies used by traditional media organisations of having their own streaming comment sections to drive traffic and loyalty to their websites.

It may be that this will kill off small blogs such as this one, only time will tell. I'm not planning on going anywhere but running a business and finding time to write is tough. I for one am excited by the opportunity Dale & Co will offer me to have my writing seen by a wider group of people. Plus - and I have kept the e-mail as proof Iain - if the venture is really successful the good Mr Dale has promised to share any profits with his contributors.  

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  1. Dale & Co is dull as dishwater, and certainly no match for Huffington Post(UK) on presentation, though it is yet to be seen if censorship will prevail at both.


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