Thursday, 7 July 2011

News of the World closure will result in further bloodletting

I wrote earlier about how the scandal at the News of the World would harm journalism but never expected that this would immediately result in a paper 180 years old, and an institution to many, closing. What I did expect was for the spotlight to fall on others within the trade at some point as the sharp practices, law bending and, in some cases, law breaking deployed by a few at the News of the World has also happened on other papers.

The problem for others guilty of wrong-doing on Fleet Street is, with the demise of the News of the World now certain, some may not be fully satisfied with what has happened and have an appetite for taking other scalps. Some in the media with commercial, political or ideological motives may want a complete purge and blood-letting which means the spotlight may be falling on others sooner than initially thought.

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