Tuesday 12 July 2011

The reason Communism failed

The Cold War wasn't just a battle of ideas, it was also a secret conflict fought out in the shadows. Clandestine meetings, spy rings, double agents and industrial espionage were all an essential part of the sometimes bitter struggle between the west and the Soviet Bloc.

Historians debate the reason for the ultimate failure of Communism - Perestroika, Ronald Reagan's presidency and the strength of capitalism have all been put forward as the source of Moscow's malaise.

I can now reveal the real reason Communism ground to a halt in an inefficient, sorry mess - this official Soviet issue wrist watch:

With the KGB, factory foremen, train drivers and soldiers unable to tell the time, they probably failed to successfully organise a simple meeting, let alone defeat the capitalist might of the United States. It is no wonder Communism failed but, with these watches on the wrists of the Politburo, why didn't it happen sooner?   

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