Thursday 1 September 2011

Twitter storm in a tea cup?

It is the kind of PR nightmare more commonly seen related to a British political party. This time it has affected Qantas who have been criticised for rewarding two rugby fans who dressed as their hero. The two fans Tweeted, "We will dress as Radike Samo. Complete with Afro Wig, Aus rugby kit and face paint."

Subsequently Qantas have been forced to apologise for rewarding the winners with two tickets to the big game, this despite the player himself saying he couldn't see what the fuss was about and was happy to be someones favourite player.

With social media, companies can come under attack from many more angles than ever before and rows can brew up very quickly. A bit of fun - as perceived by all of those in the picture - has backfired damaging the reputation of Qantas and the company being labelled as 'racist' by some.

Qantas have subsequently apologised after a Twitter storm was picked up by the traditional media but, if a company has to apologise then the damage has already been done.

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