Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Labour goes on the attack against 'The Media'

I've just been watching Ed Miliband undertake a Q and A session at conference which, at the point Sky cut away, he was handling very well.

What really struck me was the long line of questions from Labour's ordinary members who were vilifying 'The Media, the Daily Mail and a general perceived unfairness in reporting of Labour politics. This is a very dangerous position to get into and one the Conservative Party took a long time to get over post the 1990s.

If a groundswell of antipathy develops within a political party it builds like a snowball and, ultimately, affects relations between that party and the media they need to get elected. Ed Miliband needs to be very careful not to turn certain papers, that previously have been helpful to both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, against his party.

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  1. Hilarious that Labour members think that the mess they left the country in and the mess that they are in is the media's fault!


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