Sunday, 14 November 2010

George Bush teaches Kanye West a thing or two about interview technique

There are many in the public eye - particularly in the world of entertainment or sport - who dismiss the need for sound public relations or reputational management advice. In politics 'spin' has become a dirty word used as a term of abuse or grounds for doubting the sincerity of an individual. In sport, the media hates anyone who has prepared for an interview in such a way that they can eloquently get their message across. In my view anyone who wants to build or protect a reputation needs the right advice.

Earlier this week we saw the perfect example of why a good PR team, including a media trainer, should be part of every high profile individual's entourage. The Daily Mail have the story here. In summary, Kanye West, the American singer and music producer, appeared on the Today Show and fluffed his lines. In failing to get his message across he became angry, with the interview then becoming difficult to watch. 

West, after what seems an eternity of silence, admits he 'wants to give it the perfect wording' before he finally seems to remember his script but, by then, he is in a car crash of television. He also allows the interviewer to put words into his mouth, is ambushed with a clip of President Bush, and is sucked in by the interviewer using silence as a tool to drag more out of him than he would have perhaps been prepared to say.  

The video isn't all that long and also includes President Bush showing real emotion about being labelled a racist. If you're pressed for time watch from 2:40 in and see Kanye West get rattled from 6:03 in.

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