Thursday 31 May 2012

Leveson? It's a war crimes trial innit?

Heading home from central London last night a fellow passenger on my train was in quite an animated conversation about his university course. He seemed bright, intelligent, educated to a good level, and knowledgeable about the world in general. Then the conversation took a peculiar turn as he exclaimed with glee "isn't it great to see Tony Blair on trial for war crimes?"

From one second to another this university student, who until then, seemed to have a sound grasp on world events, and to a greater degree than many in this country, exploded the myth perpetuated by the Westminster/media world that Leveson matters to anyone other than themselves.

He continued by explaining to his friend how the former PM was on trial and that it had been all over the internet the previous day. Sadly the two friends left the train at the next stop so I never got to hear their thoughts on whether or not Blair should be found guilty.

Then back to the coverage of Leveson. Sky news had the Sky 'copter shadowing culture secretary Jeremy Hunt's car as it ground to a halt in traffic on way to the Royal Courts of Justice. Adam Boulton has parked himself outside the Courts for the day too. Hyping up Hunt's appearance as if its a re-run of the Nuremberg Trials.

My reaction, as I expect it was for many others, was to turn over the TV to Sky Sports to get the latest on a story which will matter to many more people - the latest on the appointment of next Liverpool manager. It may seem I am being overly flippant but the decision by the Liverpool board today will make millions of hearts beat faster as they see this as something relevant to their lives. The ongoing battle for supremacy between the media and politicians at Leveson simply doesn't have the same effect.     

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