Wednesday 25 April 2012

The duplicity of The Guardian

To say that The Guardian is revelling in the latest twist in the Leveson saga – the release of e-mails from a News International lobbyist to his bosses including alleged intelligence on the proposed BSkyB takeover – is an understatement. The paper has page on page of ‘analysis’, comment and also a couple of reports on what was actually been said. Online they have an entire section of the website devoted to Leveson but focused on News International.

It is sadly ironic how Frédéric Michel, described by The Guardian as “James Murdoch’s chief lobbyist”, is painted as a reliable witness who has provided equally reliable evidence.  There are two essential points here: The Guardian has spent years suggesting in their copy that anyone who worked for the big bad evil empire of News International was, at best, economical with the truth; and, vilifying lobbying as an underhand profession populated with shadowy figures who will say anything to anyone to look good.

Now, as it suits their agenda, a News International employee, who is also a lobbyist for the same company, has produced evidence which is so reliable The Guardian has called for the resignation of Jeremy Hunt, the culture secretary. Funny that.

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