Friday, 28 October 2011

Labour's line to take

It has been emerging over the last month or so, with Ed Miliband trailing it to relative success at PMQs. The EU vote on Monday has obviously given the Labour spin and political teams enough confidence to push harder after a row that took the Tory party back a generation. Labour's current campaign message is that the Conservatives are 'out of touch'. I imagine that this is based on some polling that shows Conservative priorities not matching those of ordinary families and, perhaps, that the Conservatives are not seen to be 'on my side' as the polling question usually goes. 

The latest use of the 'out of touch' mantra comes from that snippy little attack puppy Sadiq Khan, who says the Tories are "out of touch" on law and order after Ken Clarke's changes to sentencing guidelines.  

Expect more of this from Labour in every press release, doorstep and soundbite delivered where at all possible. The Government meanwhile needs to fill its grid with activity that neutralises this attack, and quick.

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