Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Chris Huhne: desperate and deluded

Last night, while appearing on BBC's Newsnight, Lib Dem Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne badly let down himself down. While debating the issue of a change in the voting system with Conservative MP George Eustice he criticised the No to AV campaign by saying:

"I can never remember a campaign that has stooped as low as the No campaign in dredging up stuff that they know is downright lies. I think this is the politics of the gutter."

He then preceded to repeat his claims of 'lies' again and again over the next few minutes. It was unseemly and most unbecoming of one of Her Majesty's Secretary of State. When politicians resort to banding around claims of lies then the argument is often lost. At no point has the 'Yes' campaign rebutted the arguments against AV put forward by the No campaign. The reasons put forward for a change in the voting system are flimsy and treat the public as if they are fools.

As more and more people turn their attention to the AV referendum they increasingly don't like the proposed change to AV. Mr Huhne and his cohorts at Lib Dem HQ should accept this and move on instead of acting like spoilt children. Unfortunately we are likely to see more of these diversionary tactics until May 5. Voters are unlikely to be swayed however, as they see these interventions for the desperate and deluded smokescreen they really are.

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