Thursday, 14 April 2011

Mapping cuts

I normally quite like Channel 4 news; they tend to do things in a bit more depth or try and develop a new angle on things. Unfortunately they seem to have decided to try and out do the BBC on the reporting of cuts (turn on a BBC regional programme and you can guarantee what is leading the news) with their 'Cutsmap'.

Channel 4 is, they say, "creating a crowd-sourced map of spending cuts in the UK. Show us cuts you've seen online or tweet them to #c4cuts." You can marvel at the graphics and the true power of a crowd-sourced, web based, interactive map of this kind here.

You will see that very few people - 179 so far - have bothered to 'report cuts' to the broadcaster. I'm wondering if this is a true reflection of the viewership of Channel 4 news, that the British people don't like people who 'tell teacher' or simply that people realise something has to be done to sort out our record level of debt.

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