Sunday, 27 February 2011

Communicator of the week

While the early months of preparation for the 2012 Olympics were characterised by negative stories of rising costs, bickering and broken promises, recent news from Lord Coe and his team has been much more positive. This week was no exception.

What the organising committee are doing very well is using broadcast coverage backed up by strong images released to the press to communicate action. The old hackneyed adage of a picture painting a thousand words has never been more true.

In the modern world our attention spans are ever shorter while we are over-run with comment and opinion. This makes communicating ever more difficult.

What the 2012 team are doing well is telling the story from three different but inter-related points of view. This is essential when communicating a story as all organisations need to demonstrate they're listening to their key audiences rather than just broadcasting a message.

So we get the news of how construction is going (on plan and on budget) but also what this means to the athletes (great facilities built early to help preparations) as well as the story from a local perspective (supportive). All this told through great images and video like that which accompanied the opening of the beautiful velodrome.  

In a week when even the BBC have been supportive I make London 2012 my communicator of the week.

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