Wednesday 29 December 2010

How to sound clever

After an extended break I'm back in my blogging chair refreshed and hopefully with a more positive outlook of life than my last post before Christmas. After a suitably carnivalesque Christmas, I hope to approach this blog armed with highfalutin words that will allow me to elucidate myself.

This blog, as well as helping me disport myself, is also a project to redound to my reputation. I can sometimes be a touch quixotic but I am rarely lackadaisical. I hope this will be helped by one Christmas gift, a book called How to Sound Clever: Master the 600 English Words You Pretend to Understand When You Don't.

Although looking to raise my game and improve I will always be straight talking as I don't want to become abstruse or come out with Delphic pronouncements. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first four months of blogging, am grateful for the thousands of people who read my thoughts, and will endeavour to write with brevity and levity as I wouldn't want to become circumlocutory.


  1. ...and we've thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Please keep going, too many of the blogs in my rss feed have shut up shop!

  2. Thanks Kemi, that is really very kind of you. I promise I will keep going.


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