Thursday, 4 November 2010

Flights over London

Breaking news this morning comes from Singapore where a Qantas A380 'super jumbo' has made an emergency landing after one of its engines 'exploded'. Thankfully the plane landed safely with no injuries and the response from Qantas has been first rate - straight out of the crisis communications manual top drawer.

Sky News have reported how metal debris fell to the ground as the plane came into land. Those of us who live in London or the South East will be very used to seeing and hearing planes above us. It's a nuisance that we sort of seem to get immune to. A large plane is throttling back and banking in towards Heathrow above me now as I type.

Boris Johnson would never wish to link an emergency of the sort we have seen today, over Indonesia and Singapore, with his proposed airport in the Thames estuary. However I do think the number of planes over London is not sustainable. If this emergency had happened on take-off from Heathrow and not Singapore the debris could have been falling on Richmond, Southall, Harrow or Wimbledon.

The Government has dismissed plans  to build the Thames estuary airport. In the current climate funding it would probably be neigh on impossible. However in the longer term I hope it wont be completely dismissed as pure fantasy.

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