Tuesday 5 October 2010

We hate you 'Tory Scum'

Whenever possible at political conferences I try and escape the secure zone to wander into town and see 'real' people - including those 'hardworking families' politicians care so much about.

I'm sat in the impressive Bullring shopping centre while I snatch a sandwich. All very civilised. Sadly, on my way here I walked past a Unite sponsored protest march wielding placards regarding the state of their pension pots. Everyone has the right to protest however two things don't sit comfortably for me.

First, Unite are hand in glove with the Labour Party and have benefited from the, now disbanded, 'Union Modernisation Fund'. Unite also was key in getting Ed Miliband elected leader of the Labour Party.

Second, march in order to raise the crucial issues of pensions by all means. At 33 I probably wont get any pension at all the way things have gone in the last few years. If you do march though don't forget how this country got in such a mess with its pension provision. The Labour Party need to shoulder much of the blame so, please, when you march by don't call me Tory scum again.

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