Saturday, 25 September 2010

Gordon Brown's leadership of Labour Party ends in suitably shambolic fashion

Not Flash Just Gordon, the Labour Party's campaign to make Gordon Brown's weak presentational skills a selling point to the electorate, might need to be dusted off again soon unless their media team get a grip.

Tom Bradby on ITV said a few minutes ago that the announcement of the new Labour leader was gripping. From a professional perspective I would call it shambolic and would be deeply unhappy if I had be involved in what was broadcast live to the nation this evening. It may seem a tiny inconsequential point but couldn't they even find some make-up for the poor lady making the announcement?

To be fair to Ed Miliband he spoke reasonably well and it appeared with only limited notes but the look and feel of the staging and the conference hall in general harks back to Neil Kinnock's time. Hardly 'progressive'.

It will be interesting how things are changed for Ed Miliband's Leader's Speech later in the week.

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