Thursday 1 August 2013

Strewth! What a Tweet

It had to happen one day, Australian Prime Minister (the one prone to making apologies, crying and being stabbed in the back by colleagues) has finally said something his ultra-competitive sport-loving nation can agree with. No mincing words, no politician speak, just a heart-felt opinion. 

It came via Kevin Rudd's Twitter account earlier today when he said, "I've just sat down to watch the test. That was one of the worst cricket umpiring decisions I have ever seen."  

The Tweet was signed off by "KRudd" so we should assume that it was a genuine pained thought of a cricket fan. Whether it was typed personally or not it cannot do him any harm. It has been Tweeted over 3,000 times and was featured on ABC's cricket coverage as well as the BBC Test Match Special. 

One of the rules of social media is to always be yourself. Unfortunately far too few in the public eye are willing to do this, making their social media accounts like broadcasts rather than glimpses of how they really feel. 

Since beating his great rival Julia Gillard, in Australian Labor's leadership election, to reclaim the premiership the Australian people seem to be giving Rudd the benefit of the doubt. A few more authentic Tweets like this and people's perception of Rudd may change forever. 

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