Wednesday 18 May 2011

Clever comms from Olympic 2012

The Olympic torch relay has been announced this morning; it is due to travel around the UK for two months prior to the start of the 2012 Games. This is hardly exceptional news and is likely to be met with a broad sense of indifference by large parts of the country.

To counter this, and what the 2012 team has done well, the route has clearly been pre-briefed on embargo to the broadcasters for 7:30 this morning allowing both the BBC and Sky to run a 'breaking news' story at the point their viewership is likely to peak. The morning news programmes are well watched by a key demographic for the Games - families. This means, particularly with the Queen's historic trip to Ireland dominating the news through the day, they have secured good coverage immediately through forward planning.

Most of the political world will be eating their toast listening the Today Programme. The rest of the country - the vast majority - will be watching breakfast television or listening to commercial radio as they rush to get ready for work or school. This kind of well targeted PR operation should be applauded and copied by others wanting to influence a key demographic.

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