Monday, 21 March 2011

Student protests and their millionaire backers

The Chapman brothers are two of the art world's modern day heroes, producing deliberately provacative/truly awful (you decide) pieces that have made them a fortune. Now they are using their power, influence and money to back those opposed to the rise in tuition fees.

They have launched - backed by millionaires such as Damien Hirst, Stella McCartney, Bobby Gillespie and Dougray Scott - an art project/campaign "Can't pay your fees? We'll pay your fines!" to raise money to pay the fines of prosecuted student protesters and support "the continuing campaign of civil disobedience".

This is deeply irresponsible and provocative but I guess that was their aim. To say to the type of people who rioted so violently last year, putting lives at risk, causing millions of pounds worth of damage and wilfully breaking the law that it is ok to do this again as we have your backs should be heavily criticised.

Shami Chakrabati, Director of Liberty, said on yesterday's Andrew Marr programme that she wished to see a change in the tactics used by the police at protests. Perhaps first we could see protestors abiding by the laws of the land which will mean, just like the art the Chapman brothers produce, this campaign will be utterly pointless.

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