Monday, 22 November 2010

Tears of the Iron Lady

It is a day to remember sad moments in political history and, just as we should acknowledge JFK's place in shaping our world, we should also remember that 20 years ago today Margaret Thatcher resigned as Prime Minister.

Sam Macrory, political editor of The House Magazine has an exclusive interview with John Whittingdale, then the Prime Minister's political secretary, where he reminisces about her final days in power. Read the full piece here.

One particular passage strikes me as a fitting description of what happened that day 20 years ago:

'At the...morning’s meeting of the cabinet, Whittingdale, whose office was next door, looked on as the “guilty schoolboys” trooped past: “They looked sheepish. I don’t think they could believe what they had done.” Thatcher was in tears. She wasn’t alone. “'

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