Monday 1 November 2010

Michael O'Leary should shut up

Towards the end of last week Martin Broughton, Chairman of British Airways, launched an attack on the 'completely redundant' security measures used in our airports. The rest of the airline industry were quick to back him. Less than 24 hours later and the world is facing a new threat, but one terrorists are once again using the airline industry to deliver.

You can imagine the debates that went on within the PR team at British Airways as to whether this was the right thing to say. In terms of positioning BA on the side of the passenger it was. Sadly events have conspired against them and Mr Broughton's words now ring hollow.

Rent a quote airline boss, Michael O'Leary was on Sky news earlier announcing increased earnings for his airline Ryanair. Sadly he felt the need to attack security measures at airports despite the rapidly developing bomb plot story. O'Leary, like Martin Broughton, positions himself as being on the side of passengers. However, unlike Mr Broughton, Ryanair's boss was talking this morning with the benefit of hindsight.

While it is right to review airport security based on risk, airlines also have an ultimate responsibility which is the safety of their customers. At a time of heightened concern for all airline passengers it would seem that Michael O'Leary is putting his commercial interests first.  If I was advising O'Leary my advice would be to shut up.

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