Monday 25 October 2010

Ed Miliband - the heir to Blair?

I've just read through Ed Miliband's speech to the CBI which seemed to touch on all the right points you would expect for that business audience. Generally Miliband's discussion of the need for a new approach to the economy seemed rather empty rhetoric, coming from a member of the last Labour Cabinet, but his historical touch points might reveal how Red Ed is trying to rebrand himself.

The Labour leader mentioned 'New Labour' twice and even said this:

"The change Tony Blair brought to our party rightly made us more open to the business community."

Translation: Remember when Tony came to this conference and you all loved him?  

The next sentence was equally revealing:

"We have not yet done enough to understand the real importance of small business as a way of liberating individuals and creating the economy we need."

Translation: I'm to not going to name check Gordon Brown because frankly he never understood small business. Sadly, nor do I.     

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