Monday, 20 June 2011

Managing Expectations

We are all increasingly aware that e-mails need to be carefully crafted to avoid any misinterpretation or even offence. The National Lottery please take note.

I admit that I was pulled in by their promise of a mighty rollover in the Euro Millions. The rain was particularly bad on Friday evening. It was the end of what felt a long first week back from honeymoon. I know that the chances of winning are slim. I've even heard you're more likely to die in an accident in your home than win the lottery. That hasn't happened to me yet either.

Anyway I was suckered in and dabbled. Then, yesterday, I received an e-mail with a message stating "important news about your ticket" urging me to follow a link in a suggestive way. My heart beat a little faster and I thanked my lucky stars I'd always dried my hands before changing a light bulb. I faffed around, clicked on the link, struggled to remember the password, logged in to the Lottery home page and found the gleeful news I really was a winner.....£4.60. That's it. Less than a fiver. Not even a sandwich lunch, let alone a good one. Half a pint in a Parisian cafe maybe.

Next time I choose to boost my mood on a dank Friday evening. If I am one of the lucky ones I really hope that the National Lottery manage my expectations a little better, communicate clearly or just tell it to me straight.

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