Tuesday 15 February 2011

Why golf was right to take action on spitting

The biggest global sports story of the last 24 hours has been Tiger Woods spitting on a green while playing in the Dubai Desert Classic, and then being fined for doing so.

I have two thoughts on this.

First, Tiger Woods seems to have learnt a small lesson in reputation management as, once fined, he quickly issued an apology via Twitter admitting his mistake. This is a massive improvement on his terrible handling of events, and lack of communication, at the time of his marriage breakdown.

Second, golf should be applauded for attempting to keep up high standards in the way players go about their business. Spitting is not only disgusting but a huge health hazard but seems to be a habit that is on the increase. Recently I was in the waiting room at my GP and was struck by the frequency an anti-spitting advert was flashing up on the television; probably double those warning about HIV or heart disease. If local health authorities are investing money in this area it must be a problem they have real concerns about.

It would be great if other, more influential sports, also took steps to get their stars to act like the role models they are. From spitting to fighting and hurling abuse at their opponents, too many sports stars behave like spoilt children. The result: spoilt children end up acting like them.        

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