Wednesday 20 October 2010

Beware a bruised BBC

Yesterday's announcement, that the TV licence fee is to be frozen for the next six years, might well give the coalition government and their advisers a few more late nights and early mornings.

The BBC is feeling bruised and battered. A budget cut of 16 per cent in real terms will bite; it's natural some will fear for their jobs. What must not happen is that this anger and bitterness is reflected in the corporation's political coverage. I spotted, on the BBC 10 o'clock News last night, a report by James Landale featuring clips of three Labour Peers attacking the defence review, with no supporting soundbites for the coalition to balance the package. This from from one of the BBC's good guys.

The BBC is a unique organisation that builds an enormous amount of loyalty in those who work there. Even years after they have left the corporation, many former BBC journalists won't hear a bad word said about the Beeb.

The BBC management and key editors need to be careful the staff tribalism doesn't get in the way of their public service.

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  1. Agree, Ed. I thought the same re 10 o'clock news and Nick R kept referring to the policy change too. I saw a BBC journo this morning and he continually referred to the BBC policy as an example of policy being made/changed on the hoof. It has certainly got their heckles up, but it is right that they should be forced to change and become more efficient.


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