Tuesday 9 April 2013

On a day like today you need to feel the newsprint

In the past week the Daily Telegraph has initiated a paywall to its online content to follow the FT and The Times as national newspapers already doing this. There is no doubt what is on offer on iPads, mobile phones and on websites has improved enormously over the past year so streaming content, great images, info graphics help to deliver amazing additional content to the facts as you would get them in a hard copy newspaper.

There are days however when great journalism seems to need to be read while getting your fingers a little dirty. Today is that day. I happily ran in the spring rain to my local newsagent this morning to pick up a selection of today's newspapers. The death of Margaret Thatcher - whatever your politics - is a significant moment in this nation's history. To accompany this historic event the quality of the writing in our national papers is tremendous, as is the photo journalism to accompany it.

The new Times comment editor, Tim Montgomerie, Tweeted this photo montage of today's front pages:

Some of the best articles worthy of reading are Peter Oborne in the Daily TelegraphGeorge Osborne in The TimesMax hastings in the Daily Mail and Martin Wolf in the FT. I've provided links here but you'll enjoy them all the more if you get your fingers a little bit dirty with newsprint.

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