Saturday 10 September 2011

How the world reported 9/11

It is difficult to remember the shock the attacks 10 years ago had on the world. Repeated viewing of the images of the planes hitting the Twin Towers and their subsequent collapse is still startling enough to almost be unbelievable, even today. At the time it was as if the world froze unable to deal with the horror.

Many people had to continue to do their jobs despite this. Clearly emergency services and government officials needed to respond to events but journalists also worked tirelessly to bring the news to the rest of us.

The Newseum is an excellent museum and resource centre in Washington DC telling the story of news gathering and reporting. It is a news junkie's heaven. They have put together a compilation of newspaper front pages from September 12 2001 which capture the helplessness felt by America at that time, as well as how the rest of the world reported the news. It is well worth a look through here

My favourite, which attracted criticism at the time but communicated America's anger perfectly, from the San Francisco Examiner is below:

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