Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The way we treat children is so important

One of the best things Tony Blair ever said was his famous sound bite "education, education, education" - unfortunately, and in spite of significant spending over the life of the last government, our educational results are still far too mixed.

It is difficult to overplay the importance of education on the future of a country and its society. From its future economic prosperity to life expectancy to crime - all can be influenced by how a population is educated.

It was reported yesterday that scientists have now concluded that a brain scan could inform to a child's likelihood of being a future criminal or a proponent of anti-social behaviour.  Studies have shown that psychopaths and criminals have smaller areas of the brain which control emotion and behaviour. However the same scientists recognise that a lack of conditioning to fear punishment can also be a strong indicator of problems in later life.

The scientists concluded that identifying these issues early could be important in preventing children from becoming criminals. This study should be welcomed as it underlines what we all know; how we treat our children can define who they become and how they behave.

Reports from classrooms from teachers I know indicate that discipline is increasingly a problem, children's attentions are ever more finite and support from parents is in decline. It is a depressing picture painted and one which may badly affect the future of an individual child, but collectively the future of our society.

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