Saturday 12 February 2011

Communicator of the week

It has taken just three weeks of protests to change the political situation in Egypt that had stood for 30 years. This grassroots campaign has succeeded in a way that many Egyptians seem scarcely able to believe.

Any campaign needs simple messages; in this case it was for President Mubarak to resign. These messages need to be communicated effectively and targeted at the audiences that matter. Then, to be successful, the campaign needs discipline. All of this has been achieved through thousands seizing and holding Tahrir Square while showing no sign of wanting to compromise.

The Egyptian people had no other way of communicating their campaign but through people power; traditional and social media as well as parliamentary democracy were not open to them. That they have ousted a previously all powerful dictator, who has ruled under emergency powers for so long, makes this an even greater achievement.

For these reasons, the Egyptian protesters in Tahrir Square are my communicators of the week.        

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