Friday, 8 October 2010

Breaking news: David Laws makes his return to frontline politics

It has just been released by the Commons authorities that the Rt Hon David Laws MP will be making his first public appearance since his forced resignation from the Cabinet. He will be giving evidence to the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee next Thursday.

Specifically he will be talking about the lessons to be learnt from the formation of the current coalition government. David Laws has always been a thoughtful and eloquent speaker so his evidence will be interesting in itself.

What will be especially interesting will be how his return is reported by those in the media who forced him out of office in the first place. It is almost unanimously felt that Laws did not deserve the treatment he was subjected to and that the government lost a real talent. Could this be an opportunity for Laws to show what the country is missing and, perhaps, for certain parts of the media to begin to make amends?

I hope so.  

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